Home is were the (He)Art is

The artists of our neighbourhood in Ubud

Following my heart, today my artist friend, Dewa, and I visited a exposition in Museum Puri Lukisan, in Jl.Raya Ubud, to see art expressions of a artists community of our neighbourhood, Padangtegal. It brought me to tears.


I have met several of these people without knowing they are such rich artists, their work expressing deep love for the journeys of people, while continuing the rich tradition of Balinese art.

The visit was a spritual event, with the explanations of Balinese Hindu understandings of live by Dewa. His words a reminder of the bracelet of Dewi Sariswati, that life is a continium of learning and understanding.

From this beautiful exposition I love to share 2 paintings and my understanding of their meaning:

KASIH SAYAN, by I Wayan Wartama, Love and Respect everything, not only people but all species


Panen, harvest or LIFE IS FREE, by I Nyoman Darmayasa


These artists live in Padangtegal, in streets many of us pass daily like Jl. Jembawan and Jl. Goutama. Learning from the staff of Museum Puri Lukisan that Pedangtegal is the area of Ubud with the longest tradition of artists. What a blessed day.

Appreciation of connection

Happines in my heart as my new friend Aping invites me to go to the beach of Sanur……That morning I wrote my other friends… Dear lover, the beach …I am coming

The joy to watch these beautiful women appear on the beach of Sanur, Bali…ahhh they transform into mermaids…… Ahhh a contest who will be miss Mermaid Bali 2016……..Ahhh Sierra as I find out later, touching me by her vibrant energy…….Ahhh taking pictures of these young women, the future…..Ahhh not only a beauty contest …But creating awareness on saving the oceans…….My heart rising and rising…………Ahhh a woman from R.O.L.E. approaching me to take part in the jury………..The appreciation and the honor, the connection…………..There is nothing else what my heart would like to do more.









Just love to add daily to my wellbeing as contributing to the wellbeing of others. It always three doubles the bliss when I can combine the two…

Wearing a new top from the smile shop


STAND UP FOR (YOUR) LOVE, ramadan, day 29

The other day my wise and strong Balinese friend Putu shared with me his pain.

Putu’s wife is from another country and she implemented her cultural ways in the raising of their child, the organising ways of their business and how she treates him, perceiving him as less, being Balinese. The experiences has left him with a feeling of powerlessnes.

It is a mechanism I witness in a much broader context, everywhere in Bali and I hear many Balinese speak about their pain, when they speak about how some people from other areas treat Balinese people.

I feel in the energy of the depth of Putu’s pain, his deep love…for his son, for his company, for his Balinese staff.

I feel this deep challenge, on an individual level as on a worldwide level, how to become powerful in our love for people, this planet. I feel that the only way is to understand that the depth of our pain is actually the depth of our love, and the only way is to re-connect with our love, embrace it and stand up for our love. And to realize that Love and bliss are the most powerfull forces in the universe. All beautiful changes in our developments as humans has come from love.

This entry is my gift of the day to you Putu, my humble encouragement that I stand for you to love yourself, love your son, love your Balinese staff, love your love for Bali, and to feel the power of your love and never underestimate that Bali is such an amazing gift to the world.



RAMADAN day 15

The universe has funny ways of delivering.

I love the summers in the area where I was born in Holland and where I spent my holidays: Drenthe. Now that I am not there this feeling of longing came up. When I entered the inlands I found sandy roads, horses, bicycles, green trees and the smell of warm sand,  black and dusty as in my memories.