Home is were the (He)Art is

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The 17th of august is a very special day in my life. I feel very blessed that the universe brought me to Bali, Indonesia on this 17th of august, 2016, the day Indonesia celebrates Independence. My parents got married on the 17th of august. They had to make the difficult decision to get married because … Continue reading WHY I CRIED ON august 17 INDEPENDENCE DAY

My favourite place to relax in Ubud

At a Ubud Community event I made a new friend who is exploring Ubud. So where to meet for breakfast? It is interesting how my taste of what are my favourite places to meet people, change over time. Today I choose 9 Angels at Jalan Suweta, no 32. The food is organic and the place is … Continue reading My favourite place to relax in Ubud

Home is were the (He)Art is

The artists of our neighbourhood in Ubud Following my heart, today my artist friend, Dewa, and I visited a exposition in Museum Puri Lukisan, in Jl.Raya Ubud, to see art expressions of a artists community of our neighbourhood, Padangtegal. It brought me to tears. I have met several of these people without knowing they are such … Continue reading Home is were the (He)Art is