truths are beyond what the eyes can see.

Gathering with a group of women on the beach to celebrate new moon, re-creating rituals, shared by thousands of women, re-connecting with millions of man and women worldwide for whom celebrating new moon is still part of their ancient rituals.A couple of days ago she was laying in the water of a tidal inlet of the North Sea. Although the wind was fiercely inlands, creating waves, the tidal stream carried her body with an amazing force and ease towards the ocean. This tidal force that was just a small stream. When she entered it, standing up straight, it only reached just above her ankles, yet its force is carrying her body with ease when she surrenders, becoming one with this energy.

Hearing her whisper of wisdom. Giving birth to an new level of alignment that was hidden from consciousness for so long, yet she feels it was always there, opening up.

Opening up to the forces of the moon and planets that is part of so many cultures on this planet for as long as human exists, and to which she resonates so deeply. Celebrating the courage it took to bring her feet to the shore, to lay her body down in the tidal timeless waters, aware of the eyes watching her from the beach. A victory to become herself.

Following her yearning for connection with the female tribe, she meets up with women on the beach to celebrate this new moon in cancer, allowing a new beginning. In the dancing she meets this girl inside that has this deep yearning to become a ballet dancer, yet stuck back then in the construct of a farmer’s daughter who was taught to use her body for serious heavy physical work of survival.

The yearning is still there and she embraces it, everything is there in her body, the movements, the grace, the swan, the flower, all these postures through which her body wants to express her timeless femalehood. The music carries her body through different cultures and times that seems to have been in her, coming alive in the dance, an Arab belly dancer, an African female warrior. She feels it in her feet, sees it in the ways she holds her hands, her feet becoming feet from another life, her hands becoming hands from another time, her body knows.
She, that, which? who? lives in her body has many identities, surprising manifestations of young mature women. The wind whispers to her, its safe now, show up, express it all. Her eyes watching the sunset as she did for thousands of years, the promise in the soft endless orgasm of colors created in the sky, the breathtaking blue’s and white’s and gold connecting with a knowing in her body that takes her by surprise. The cool texture of mother earth breathing her home.
Tears are kissing her cheeks as she is watching the free movements of joy of a young sister who’s movements are bright, light and free. Their eyes meet in recognition, the blossoming of their shared smile opens up a field of energy, of knowing that is beyond time and space, a meeting of souls, who forgive wholeheartedly.

The waves make gentle love to the words they all write in the sand, erasing, wave by wave, transmuting, wave by wave, the energy of old beliefs in all time, dimensions, space and realities. Each gentle sparkling rolling wave calmly opening up to the curiosity for new layers of freedom, love, wisdom, joy and abundance in our unique expressions of eternal beings.
She feels the calling of the universe not to hesitate to show up authentically, naked, raw, so it can experience its creation through her unique embodiment.

Some days later she connects with the deep healing words of wisdom of Cathy Pagano on the power of this Super Moon in Cancer. She feels this cry inside, “please sisters, show up, share your wisdom of pain and bliss to what it means to be you, this deep yearning to create a culture that is in alignment with these beautiful truths”. Yet it might be a cry from Mother Earth to herself to allow her Self, her silent wisdom, finally to be expressed, to become a change agent herself through which others feel encouragement to show up as well. A new moon has risen. And so it is and so it shall be.

timeless being

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