The pre-launch of the Bali Writers and Readers festival, at Bar Luna, was promising.

The content Aisha Macgill shared on self publishing was transparent and rich. Aisha expressed her knowledge and insights on publishing and writing within historical context and traditions. By doing so Aisha added experience to her intention that we should “own” being a writer. Through her presentation I experienced the joy and awareness that creating text and images is a beautiful gift to us humans.

Aisha shared challenges of becoming a self published autor but she also showed perspective and that it is very well possible to earn interesting revenue. As long as we focus on the value our writings add to the readers.

The technical presentation of the event experienced some challenges, as the sound system did not yet work that well. I had to focus seriously on Aisha’s voice because the location was also filled with the happy sounds of talking and laughter from people who were in the bar for a meetup and drinks.

Fortunately Aisha shared the journey of self publishing with slides, like a road map.


The mohito I enjoyed in Bar Luna was one of the best I drank so far in Ubud. Offered to me by Kadek and her friends, I appreciate Kadek as one of the most kind waitresses in Ubud.


l experenced the event as pleasant, rich of content and full of promisses for the events to come.

If you want to learn about self publishing, you can contact Aisha at aishamacgill.com  and she will be around @ubudwritersfest


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