My favourite place to relax in Ubud

At a Ubud Community event I made a new friend who is exploring Ubud. So where to meet for breakfast?

It is interesting how my taste of what are my favourite places to meet people, change over time. Today I choose 9 Angels at Jalan Suweta, no 32.

The food is organic and the place is spacious in a garden, full of creativity and a very laid-back atmosphere.20161008_131920


While we are eating outside, other people join the inside space for an “Indonesian conversation” meeting.

Ian finds a guitar and he teaches me to sing, while the other people talk. More than enough space not to disturb one and other. More than enough space to be comfortable to do what makes us happy.


It is a place that invites to be and to do. There is no rush, you can hang out as long as you wish. You pay by donation.

It is a place with a vision of creativity and sharing. They organise all kind of activities to join. And there is a little shop. The money obtained in the shop is for donating to a foundation of ill children in Bali. I buy Christmas cards.


When it is time for me to leave, the owner Thony, offers me a ride on the back of his motorbike to drive together to the Bali Vegan festival.

It’s that kind of a place.

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