This morning I woke up

with this amazing energy vibrating

gold, soft, light, warm, dense

no words to describe.

Beautiful as the sunrise,

joyfully as a happy running puppy,

Showing details of beauty and amazement

That were not to be seen without the touch of this Light.


The energy of ” Love”

touching everything inside and outside

changing the vibrations, the colours, the taste.

Thank you for opening this Light in me.

Now that you are not here to mirror back to me

beauty, love, soul, joy,

it does not mean the Light is not in me anymore.

For a while I “thought” so

and these “thoughts” guided me to clouded energy

which we tend to label as “sadness”, “pain”,

crippling my body

But it was and is through what I call “me” that “I” experienced

this beautiful energy that I call love.

Falling into your eyes

drifting in soul connection

opening my breath to flow freely and deeply.

the sensations in “my” skin that made me tremble and humble

the sensations in “my” heart experiencing orgasm in every breath and every touch,

as you said “this is like a dream”.

In “crisis” and transformations

we hear all these “thoughts”, that were waiting

in our subconscious, poisoning as we listen to them

keeping our breath in “fear”.

Gifts to transform as well

as these “thoughts” do not tell the truth about me or you.

You are loveable without conditions,

You are loved without boundaries,

in any breath*.

So breath darling Liesbeth, breath

and let all the energies and words that do not serve you, flow….

* from : 30 Lessons of falling in love,

“from neediness to entitlement”, Book in progress.


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