Appreciation of connection

Happines in my heart as my new friend Aping invites me to go to the beach of Sanur……That morning I wrote my other friends… Dear lover, the oean …I am coming

yet today this meeting with my lover the ocean would deepen to anorther level. The joy to watch these beautiful women appear on the beach of Sanur, Bali…ah…they transform into mermaids…… Ah a contest who will be miss Mermaid Bali 2016, Sierra, as I find out later, touching me by her vibrant energy.

Taking pictures of these young women, the future….ah its not only a beauty contest, but an event to creat awareness on saving the oceans.

My heart is rising and rising. A woman from R.O.L.E., the organizing committee on sustainability issues in Bali, is approaching me to take part in the jury.

The appreciation and the honor, the connection.There is nothing else what my heart would like to do more now.


our sister from Thailand



our sister from Bali
our sister from India 
Sierra from Bali, the winner of the contest

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