STAND UP FOR (YOUR) LOVE, ramadan, day 29

The other day my wise and strong Balinese friend Putu shared with me his pain.

Putu’s wife is from another country and she implemented her cultural ways in the raising of their child, the organising ways of their business and how she treates him, perceiving him as less, being Balinese. The experiences has left him with a feeling of powerlessnes.

It is a mechanism I witness in a much broader context, everywhere in Bali and I hear many Balinese speak about their pain, when they speak about how some people from other areas treat Balinese people.

I feel in the energy of the depth of Putu’s pain, his deep love…for his son, for his company, for his Balinese staff.

I feel this deep challenge, on an individual level as on a worldwide level, how to become powerful in our love for people, this planet. I feel that the only way is to understand that the depth of our pain is actually the depth of our love, and the only way is to re-connect with our love, embrace it and stand up for our love. And to realize that Love and bliss are the most powerfull forces in the universe. All beautiful changes in our developments as humans has come from love. And in Bali both men and women live deeply from an energy of connection to spirits, mother earth, each other and the community.

This entry is my gift of the day to you Putu, my humble encouragement that I stand for you to love yourself, love your son, love your Balinese staff, love your love for Bali, and to feel the power of your love.

Never underestimate that Bali is such an amazing gift to the world.


Balines young preparing for u huge cremation ceremony 

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