Transforming sadness


This full moon is supposed to be about changing karmic patterns. Growing up in a Western society karma was not a concept in our lives. In Bali it is part of daily practise. One of my Hindu friends gave me the most touching explanation.” Karma means to me that I will not do any harm consciously, because I know that the next generation will suffer from it. And I pray for forgiveness about the harm I did uncounciously.

Since I was a little girl I felt almost daily this deep sadness inside of me, this feeling that something was deeply wrong by the way people were talking and the way we organised our lives. This full moon I come to the understanding that this feeling that I called sadness, is actually deep compassion for all living creatures.

When we start to feel as humans how we as humans treat humans, animals and the planet, especially the animals that we “use for food” how can we not feel their pain and feel this deep roaring in our heart?

Lets bless our hearts for being able to feel compassionate towards humans in pain, animals in pain and the planet in pain and yes this might feel in our hearts as sadness, pain. But it is a guide….to become grateful of being able to be compassionate.


Lets send blessings from our heart not only to the people we love, but perhaps proactive especially to the people who consciously or unconsciously harm others, be it humans, animals, the planet.

I feel this does not mean that we approve on actions of harm, how can we, harm that give us a feeling of sadness. But we can make a distinction from our heart between their actions and their soul.

For all spirituals traditions teach us that there is only love and that we all are one.

And our beautiful world, humans, animals, the planet, needs more conciousness and love, sweet love.

Bless you all,


Coral destroyed by fishermen who used dynamite to fish….unconcious about the damage they did to the coral on this planet.

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