The teachings of Jo Cox

My mind said and my fingers wrote ” waking up for no reason”, but when i walked back from the beach the moon is greating me…Almost full moon..It is more easy to stay peaceful when my peace is not challenged, But it is challenged in many ways, and learning to tolerate or even love your enemy …I find it challenging by learning about the brutal murder of Jo Cox, a woman who teaches the world to focus on solidarity and all the aspects that unite us…

Going deep my breath finds that in the end there is only Love, not the one we see in movies, but the Love we find in spiritual teachings and waiting under all the pain and fear in our being.

The compassion that is a biological fact, built in our system waiting to be activated by our heart. This moon leads me to a deeper understanding that it will never be our judgemental mind or fear that will bring peace, only a mind that is guided by our heart of compassion and fear used wisely.

Before today I had never heard of Jo Cox. This strong woman preaches solidarity and compassion between all people and her family askes us to share her teachings…The moon woke me up asking me to share these words, felt from a deep deep level of my being. We are all one.

Blessings for your soul Jo and for all the people who love you.




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