Our yes can watch many things without seeing

Watching the women carrying the food we consider as “normal” to order. The eggs I sometimes order for breakfast, while watching the sunrise..

My eyes witness that these eggs are carried by these women, from the boat, into the water unto the unsteady corals of the beach, to the restaurant where I often have my early morning coffee and sometimes fried eggs for breakfast.

These women carrying the food, are hungry because of vasting the whole day for a month, in the month of Ramadan.It is 3 in the afternoon and still 3 more hours to go for they will eat. “She” is not different from me. “She” is carrying the eggs.

My heart accompanies my eyes as I breathe appreciation.

This experience adds a whole new layer of appreciation to my mediation before I start a meal, deepening it with this experience.

Thank you chicken that you gave me your egg to give nutrition to my body, thank you farmer for taking care of the chicken, thank you transporter who brought the eggs to the market, thank you shop owner for buying these eggs and bring them to the harbour, thank you captain for sailing this ship safely to the island, thank you women to carry these eggs safely through the sea to the restaurant, thank you restaurant owner for buying these eggs, thank you chef for cooking these eggs, thank you staff for serving these fried eggs for my breakfast.

A deep smile of appreciation lightens my face.



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